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Vinyl picket fencing – makes a charming and vibrant addition to the garden. Made of wood or plastic, fences crave accessories as decorative garden art. Adding live plants and flowers around the fence creates a focal point in the room and gives texture and color to the garden. When decorating the fence, have fun adding unusual elements to the space, creating your own one-of-a-kind design.

Posted on January 16, 2018 Home Design

Classic, white vinyl picket fencing create a charming addition to any style or form have, especially with a matching pound. White picket fences define space, but still ensure that you have a clear view through the slats and into the garden and home. Wood fences naked color also looks attractive and creates a neutral, rustic feel to the garden. For a splash of color paint every other slat in bright shades like orange, red or yellow. Painting the fence a light blue or purple creates a playful touch to the garden and the focal point for the room. In winter painted garden fence gives you a burst of much needed color.

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When a fence feels sharp in the yard, add color and texture by planting a creeping vine through the vinyl picket fencing. Rambling roses create the cottage feel to the room and grow in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Clematis vines by the Italian clematis have a rapid growth and twisting, twining growth habit to grow over the fence for a short period. Their 3-inch wide, lavender blooms appear in mid-summer to last in the early autumn for a living presence to the fence. For year round color, plant an evergreen wine like Carolina jasmine. Growing 10 to 20 meters high, Carolina jasmine has a moderate to rapid growth and spring-flowering, fragrant yellow flowers. Hardy, it is both wind and drought tolerant, two ideal qualities in a creeping vine. Add support for fence by installing wire mesh or heavy-gauge wire.

Dress up vinyl picket fencing with garden accessories. Garden art as metal stars mounted on the fence creates year-round life to the garden. Painted to match the color scheme of the fence, they create a coherent design. Cap the fence with birdhouses to attract the winged beauties to the garden. Add color to the garden by creating an area over the fence for a window box planter. Fill window boxes with seasonal plants repeat the surrounding plants and flowers. If you ask for extra color, attach pots filled with flowers to the fence. Use plant hanger hooks to create a “living” garden wall.

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