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Pleated valance – Typically hung on a separate rod, a curtain valance is the same color and pattern as curtains or it can be a contrasting color style. Many valances contain special elements like buttons, tassels, or multiple layers of fabric. A pleated valance, one with small folds in the fabric, is one of the most popular styles draperies. Choosing the best pleated valance for processing window involves choosing fabric, length, and style of the fold you prefer. Some of the most common folds are pinch pleats, pencil pleats, and box pleats. If you plan to buy a pre-made valance choices will be more limited, and you may not be able to find a particular style of pleating in color and length you want

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First step is making sure how long you want the fabric valance to be. The most common lengths vary between 12 and 16 inches (about 30.5 and 40.6 cm), but almost any length will work with most styles of pleating. Substances that are light or medium weight generally tend to work better for pleating than heavy or stiff fabrics. Your pleated valance can be unique style with contrasting color pattern design. Once you have decided on the color and length, you should select the type of fold you want. A two-finger pinch fold valance For folds created by two folds joined together a short distance below the top edge and fan out slightly in the shape of a “V” of the total point.

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Three finger folds have three folds, also called fingers fastened together. Four-finger and five-finger fold provides additional detail and is formed in the same manner. Pinch pleats which are attached at the top instead of just under it created in the same way but called French folds. All pinch fold design can provide a pleated valance a different look depending on how close or far apart they gathered folds is the substance. Butterflies folds, for example, is made of a large fold Clip less fold in the middle.

Pinch fold variations alone can offer dozens of different combinations based on the size and how they are distributed. A pencil pleated valance is made with a special tape-bit sewn on top and tighten. This brings together the entire top together in small, even folds all the way across. Box pleats are flat, folded folds like those you find in skirts or kilts. Folder can look great in any room, informal or formal, but a box pleated valance tends to lend a more formal look than many other styles.

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